Welcome at my portfolio website. My name is Daniel Schneiders. I am a former student Digital Media Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht and a current MBA - Marketing student at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Besides studiying I love to work on some (of my own) projects, play music, sport, and enjoying the good things in life. This web page is dedicated to all the things in live that are important to me. Feel free to browse this page and do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or requests.

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Work experience

Since the age of 14, I have had a couple of part-time jobs. From dishwashing to webdevelopment. In those years I have gained experience and discipline, what still benefits me every day. What will help me to face exciting challanges in my future job(s).

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Webstijl logo

Webstijl - Online marketing network

Project owner at the online marketing network, from research to prototyping. To build a additional benefit for a full service marketing agency.

UMC Utrecht logo

UMC Utrecht - Intranet developer and ICT migration

Sharepoint intranet developer for a ICT project as an information portal and test coordinator & communications at a WindowsXP to Windows7 migration.

Holland dairy star logo

Holland dairy star - Stockroom employer

Employer at a refrigerated warehouse for a company that sells cheese.

Erik de Boer plants logo

Erik de Boer Plants - All-round employer

Work at a plant nursery which is specialized in sempervivums. From weeding to preparing plants for sale.

Archeon logo

Horeca Archeon - All-round employer

Washing dishes, preparing feast hall's and checking the stocks. In a Roman and medieval theme park.

Life experience

In the past years, I have seen, done and learned a lot. Completed my primary school at the age of twelve and secundairy school in physics, engeneering and economics at seventheen. Thereafter, I graduated as a bachalor of Digital Media Communication at the applied university (HBO) in Utrecht. Finished a pre master course in business administration at the Radboud University Nijmegen, and at the moment I am writing my final thesis in order to graduate as an master in business administration - marketing at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

However, life experience goes beyond studying. I have learned a lot from projects, a couple of friends and I worked on, under the name RubyQ. At RubyQ we worked on a portable homemade audio system, developed a drone and coded our own CMS system. Besides RubyQ, in the past years I have learned to play guitar, to play bass, to code and so much more.

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Websites and other Portfolio work

Whitepapers, Theses and other publications

Dutch Whitepaper - Google Search Algorithm Dutch Whitepaper - Online marketing network Master Thesis - Brand placements in casual mobile and web games

Interests and passion

Business development
Consumer electronics
Music composing
Market intelligence
Electrical engineering
Brand placements
Smart furnishing
Consumer behavior
Product development
Sport sponsoring
Big data
Strategic marketing
Rock and hard rock music
Beer and Whisk(e)y
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Guitar and bass compositions

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I have   a dream   dreams

Job icon
Contribute to the development of an app
Progress icon
Earn a Master degree in marketing
(Average: 7.9; Thesis: 8.5)
Studied icon
Learn to speak english fluently
Job icon
Create a TV commercial
Activity icon
Develop a tool to help people with dyslexia
Life lesson icon
Keynote speaker for 300+ people
Life lesson icon
Keynote speaker for 500+ people
Life lesson icon
Keynote speaker for 1500+ people
Progress icon
Earn a Bachelor degree
(Average: 8)
Activity icon
Develop a drone
(in progress)
Studied icon
Learn how to develop websites
Activity icon
Execute an idea into a real product
Job icon
Produce a TV show
Activity icon
Develop my own intranet site
Job icon
Contribute to the production of a music video
Life lesson icon
Gig with a band
Activity icon
Develop a product used by 1000+ people
Activity icon
Develop a product used by 100,000+ people
Studied icon
Learn to play drums
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Contribute to the scientific literature
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Foreign work/study experience
Studied icon
Learn to play guitar
Job icon
Write a book as a dyslect
Progress icon
Win an award for job related projects
Studied icon
Learn to play bass
Studied icon
Learn to play violin
Job icon
Read the most groundbreaking literature of the greatest scientists ever lived
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Obtaine an education licence